What Is Copy Trading?

What Is Copy Trading? WeCopyTrade is a social trading platform between Master and Copier that allows you to replicate trades quickly and accurately while ensuring safe risk control.

How Do WeCopyTrade Work?

WeCopyTrade is developed to ensure smooth and accurate trade copying and instant order execution. You can customize your copy settings to choose the right trading volume and risk management to help you get good results.How Do Master Traders Earn?
Master Traders will decide a monthly subscription fee for their copiers after connecting their trading accounts with the Master type. For each successful subscription, the Master Trader earns 70% of the whole sum and the other 30% is claimed by WeCopyTrade. For example, A Master Trader sets a monthly subscription fee of $100 CAD. If a copier subscribes him successfully, the Master Trader will receive $70 CAD and WeCopyTrade will receive $30 CAD.

Trading community:

WeCopy Fintech Inc, as an independent third-party trading community, WECOPYTRADE does not recommend any trading platforms or trading products. WECOPYTRADE shall not be liable for any part or all of the losses incurred by investors due to any transactions involving CFDs. At the same time, WECOPYTRADE is not responsible for any loss caused by connection failure or delay in the transaction.

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