Unlocking the Potential of Every Dog

I’m Andrejus Moskaliovas, the proud founder of Miracle K9 Academy and a certified miraclek9academy Dog Trainer. My journey began with a simple love for dogs and a passion for dog sports. Competing alongside my loyal companion, Onyx, in PSA, we’ve achieved the title of PSA1 and are continuously striving for more.But my passion isn’t just about titles and accolades. It’s about the bond between a handler and their dog. I started this academy because I believe in progress and development, not just for the dog, but for the team – the handler and the dog.Often, I felt a sense of dissatisfaction with traditional dog training methods. The world of dog training seemed stagnant, with the same old techniques being recycled. But where others saw a dead end, I saw an opportunity for innovation.Determined to bring a fresh perspective, I developed a unique training system that focuses on freestyle movement and street training. At the core of this system is the art of luring, a technique that makes dogs fall in love with the training process. This not only ensures high-level control but also fosters a deep bond between the handler and the dog.

Your Trusted Roofing Experts in Cardiff

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