The Home Selling Process in Lehi

The home selling process might seem overwhelming, but let’s be honest: it’s the same in Lehi as it is anywhere else in Utah. The only difference is that you’ll likely be selling to a BYU alum or fan rather than a Utah Man. We just have to include a city name like Lehi because Google likes knowing that we’re hyperbolically local homebuyers and will reward us for being based in Utah County if we say so every time we write an article. Does that mean we don’t have anything valuable to share about selling your home? Absolutely not. Hopefully this post will demonstrate as much as we dive into things like the fees associated with selling, using a real estate agent or not, and getting a fair price for your home. So, without further ado, your overview of the traditional home selling process for people in Lehi—and anywhere else in Utah really. As a bonus, we’ll also throw in an alternative strategy (spoiler, it may or may not involve Wasatch Cash).The traditional home selling process is what you might already expect: realize that you need to clean up your house before you sell it, repair and update, find a real estate agent, rely on them to get photos of your home, wait for them to list it on the MLS and market your property, collect offers, negotiate with the winner, repair and update everything you lazily skipped before listing, schedule inspections and appraisals, wait for escrow, and FINALLY close. More difficult than it sounds. Real estate agents are distributed along the lines of attorneys and accountants—good ones exist, they’re just harder to find than wins on a Big 12 football schedule. The very best ones will change your life though. Turnkey operations that handle everything from photos to showings with some extensive marketing of your home off the MLS sprinkled in. The bad ones will promise a high listing price to get you to sign an exclusive contract with them and then let your property languish on the MLS through price drop after price drop. Find someone who’s been working in Lehi for a long time and has a good reputation—online and with living breathing clients.

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