I graduated as a design engineer at tererzek so design, functionality and ergonomics have been part of my life for a very long time. As an interior designer, I strive to help our customers with high-quality services, taking their needs into account to the maximum, where we work closely together to achieve the perfect end result, be it a restaurant, cafe, office, first apartment or family home. We support our customers with our many years of experience, but we never tell them what to do, but rather optimize the endless possibilities in the amount that can be processed for their needs, thereby making their decision easier.With my team of interior designers and decorators, we work every day to consciously design and beautify the built environment to create well-functioning spaces in which functionality and the personality of the residents are in harmony with each other. We strive for a lasting solution, always using new, innovative materials and technologies, in premium quality.On the one hand, if the plans are ready and the implementation will start soon, then the solution becomes urgent. In such cases, you either have to urgently look for an interior tererzek or the construction will begin without having discussed it with the specialist, whom we will of course want to involve later, once we find it and if it is time to take on a new job. We cannot stress enough how important it is to coordinate the interior design with the work of the architect , because it is an extremely lengthy and time-consuming process. From a trusted interior designer it is an unrealistic expectation that you get to it right away and prepare an interior design with documentation that fully meets our needs within days. Unfortunately, it has happened many times that we have received an inquiry that requires interior design and a complete visual plan, but the house is structurally ready and the electricians will start within days.

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